About Me

About Louis

Hi, I’m Louis and I am one who enjoys looking for new business ideas to share with those looking to learn how to earn a passive income working from home.

When I was 17, I tried to imagine what sort of a life I want to have. 4 years earlier, I was left an orphan when both my parents passed on and I began to struggle to go to school. 10 years later, I had a house by the beach, 2 new cars in the garage, two boats and had traveled half the world. Yes, I worked hard but that is not the story. The tale is about how I create the financial wealth and manage it, to continue to live the lifestyle that I wanted from the beginning. I’m almost 70 and I’m still living the lifestyle I wanted. It’s not about being a tycoon or anything like that but about being able to do almost anything I desire and pay for it. Being able to live how I want, with whom I want, anywhere I want and being healthy enough to do so. It’s the story of learning from successful people about a simple formula to follow and keeping to the script of being a truly free person.

Today, the world presents many more opportunities and threats. Putting aside the threat, the greatest being losing your only source of income, the job, the opportunities are far greater now than at any time in history. The risk of losing your job or only source of income is also higher with more and more people losing this income avenue and not knowing or understands the ways to get out of their dilemmas. This is all the result of advancing technologies and the changing world of the internet.

Having taught and mentored many people throughout my life, it is becoming clear that it doesn’t take much more than some knowledge and hard work to learn to create a life of wealth. You only need someone knowledgeable to point the way. The internet has opened up a wealth of knowledge and opportunities and thousands are benefiting from it by creating in it, a credible source of income for them. It’s so much easier now with all the clever ideas put up by savvy and successful internet business players. And yet so many are still ignorant of the opportunities being offered in the internet world.

I am thus sharing these opportunities with those willing to chance it and live a better life and desire a more exciting lifestyle. This site would expose the knowledge freely available by collating them and presenting them. It would be used to introduce the programs available to learn to earn an income from home through the internet. Also to review from an expert viewpoint what these programs entailed and whether it would work for our main objective of developing an income and sustaining. Through this, I shall use many years of success in marketing, finance, business development and entrepreneurship to guide those willing to learn. Its success would be measured by those who make use of it to develop a better life for themselves and their loved ones. My contact is Louis@enduringautoincome.com