Creating a residual or passive income on the internet – Possible?

By | August 24, 2016

Creating a Residual or Passive Income for life – Possible for anyone?

The question in many people’s minds is how you can create a residual income stream or passive income which can take care of my financial needs for life. This is a very important question as most people are earning an income through a job or struggling through a small business which offers no guarantee for financial security.

Proof – It’s doable – Many are doing it

The fact that millions are earning passive incomes and residual incomes is proof that this is not only possible but is real. Thus if you are looking for financial freedom or financial security and not having it, you would ask what is it they are doing that you are not. What is their secret or the knowledge they got that allows them to have an on-going passive income which provides them financial security? When you think of wealthy people and how they seem to have streams of money flowing into their bank accounts continuously, it must make you wonder how they do it.

There IS no Secret

The evidence that the process of doing it, becoming financially free through streams of passive income, is no secret at all, makes one even more curious as to why the many people never heard of it. Most of us have been through years of schools and working life and yet the majority remain in the insecure world of going from pay check to pay check. Most have only heard of financial freedom briefly and as a myth and too many don’t understand what residual income, passive income and financial security really meant.

How to Create a Residual Income – Explained

What this website aims to do is to explain the process of earning a residual and eventually passive income through gathering the literature on this and telling success stories of many who have achieved financial freedom through their own efforts. Not old money inherited by the privileged few but modern millionaires who took hold of the opportunities surrounding us every day and turned them into wealth for themselves. Hone Asset for Residual Income



Ordinary people do it

We do not speak only of tycoons and millionaires here but also of ordinary folks who managed to create streams of passive income for all they need, and live happy and simple lives.

The ‘Secret’ – It’s All Out There

The opportunities, the knowledge of the process of acquiring financial freedom and the resources are there somewhere for everyone who wants it. The question that remains is where and what does it take for you to follow the process and take possession of a residual income to become a financially free person yourself.

Residual Income – Where Does It Begin?

To begin to understand the process is to ask first of all what it is that you possess that is earning you an income other than your job. Do you have shares in a business, a property to rent out or investments that pays you yearly or savings earning you interest? If you do, you are one of the few lucky ones involved in the process of making residual income. The question then is how do you make them earn enough for you so that you can choose not to work anymore?

Assets Working For You – How?

Thus the ‘secret’ of earning a residual income lies plainly in possession of enough assets to give you all the money you need. This seems simple enough yet how is it that almost 90% of people in this world do not know or cannot do it? The answer is simply in the maths! If you do not earn enough either to save or have spare money to buy assets there is thus no way you can acquire enough assets to earn the level of passive income you need. Considering that many are making little money and with job competition becoming more intense through downsizing and low minimum wage, having an inflow of perpetual income seems like a dream.

The Remedy (Process) Anyone Can Use – Thanks to IT

Yet today, there is a remedy, a hope arising for all who wants to get out of this vicious cycle of low incomes and downsizing. The answer is in freely available technology in an easily attainable internet world; in acquiring a sizable asset or assets is within reach of most. Business used to be about big investment, high risk and specialised skills. This is no more the case with the internet. You can learn to acquire a business asset there to provide you with the passive income you need. What it takes is for you to make a commitment to succeed, a little financial investment and a great persistence to see yourself through until you achieve your dream.

Thus This Website – How Does it Help YOU?

This is what this website is about. To introduce you to the concept of entrepreneurship and direct you to the many opportunities that are available. To review for you what is a good plan or program to follow and to help you to identify and avoid the scams.

Cheers, Louis

One thought on “Creating a residual or passive income on the internet – Possible?

  1. Daniela

    I think it is really about the mindset. When I first came across the concept of mindset and thoughts affecting your results, I thought it’s just some nonsense. But developing the right mindset helped me to set the goals and take action in direction of achieving them. In my opinion, most people don’t act on creating a residual or passive income because they fear to face the responsibility for their own results. This surely was my case.
    Now I know that internet business is a real thing and it actually brings income. But it requires developing the skills and doing the work as any other business does.


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